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Website Design

Website design

Our aim, in designing any website, is to create an online presence which will generate sales leads for you, give your business credibility, educate prospective customers about your company, its products or services and will also get you found in the search engines.

A website from Chadwick Design will not only look great, but will have all the functionality you require. All our websites are scaleable, so as your business grows, your website can grow with it.

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design

With the arrival of tablets and smartphones, the way that people interact with the internet has changed. These devices have become so popular that many feel that they cannot do without them.

Did you realise that an average of 76% of people who own a smartphone, use it to browse the internet? That could mean that 76% of your potential customers don't view your site on a desktop PC, but come to it first through their mobile. What does this mean for you as a website owner?

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e-Commerce Websites

eCommerce web design

We offer Bespoke E-Commerce Website Design to create the ideal online presence for your business. Whether you are seeking a starter e-commerce package for a new online shop or  more complex solution for your online presence, give us a call on 01780 740893.

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Email Campaigns

Trackable newsletters

At Chadwick Design we can service all your email campaign requirements.

With our MailshotPro we offer a trackable email system either on subscription or as an addition to your own website functionality.

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Flip-the-page booklets

Flip-the-page brochures

With our Flip-the-page system we can convert your existing catalogues, product guides, magazines,  hotel brochures,  training manuals , property-for-sale particulars and travel brochures into a virtual, online equivalent. Page-turning, online brochures save on printing costs, yet have all the professional appearance of paper copies. They are easy to distribute, meaning that if a prospective client requests a brochure, you can send the link to your brochure straight to their inbox... immediately... no waiting for a postal delivery.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design

In the cut and thrust of today's business world, image is everything!

For over 25 years, we have been applying our design flair to corporate brochures, stationery, magazines, flyers and more, on behalf of such diverse clients as banks, training agencies, publishers, carpenters and tour operators!

If you are looking for eye-catching design to match your company branding, Chadwick Design can offer you:

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Web Development

Web development

"I don't want my website to just sit there looking pretty - it needs to DO stuff"!
If this applies to you, then you'll be glad to know that we totally understand the importance of providing the means for your visitors to interact dynamically and intuitively with your website.

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360° Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

Our 360 degree Virtual tours enable your website-visitors to see a fully interactive presentation of the facilities you offer - from anywhere in the world. Simply speaking, they bring your world direct to your customers' desktop!

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